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About the Book:


Red is a chemical beta tester. It’s a nice way of saying ‘professional drug addict.’

But that’s not a problem: Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something. In fact, the city’s entire economy is based on Presence — a chemical hallucinogen that lets the user peek into history. Red’s talent for mixing new and interesting narcotic concoctions is usually good for a quick buck and a cheap laugh, but this time something’s gone wrong, and after huffing a new prototype strain of Presence from Hockner Industries, he’s awoken to find himself in violation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

A crime punishable by death.

His only hope for salvation lies in a mysterious contact with all the answers and seemingly infinite resources. But to get to him, Red must first navigate the claustrophobic theater of the ‘Wells, where nobody is what they seem to be, escape the clutches of a mad, phallus-obsessed ghetto king, and seek protection from the murderous grey boatmen, all while his frightening and increasingly real hallucinations tear him apart from the inside out. With the help of QC, a walking nanotech factory, and Byron, an upper-class slacker literally addicted to the past, Red must discover what the strange experimental drug is doing to his mind. And he better be quick about it, before the pair of sinister, faceless recovery agents, the Alpha Gentlemen, catch up to him…and burn him alive.

Reviews for Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity:

“This is the perfect read for jaded sci-fi nerds on the prowl for something new. Brockway knows the terrain of science fiction like the inside of his own eyelids, and manages to melt and warp every old trope you thought had lost its luster into the screaming, throbbing corpus of some magnificent monster, at the same time refreshingly new and maddeningly familiar.” -Stull Berg

“George Orwell imagined a bleak future born out of the totalitarian lust for control; Brockway imagines the opposite, a bleak future born of capitalism’s aggressive apathy, fueled of course by the internet’s psychopathic sensationalism. I heartily recommend this book for the vivid picture that it paints of a world gone wrong, propelled towards its doom at break-neck speed by the very cultural cynicism and unrestrained technological expansion that are shaping our own.” -Julian Whitgard

“This book reads like Neuromancer was written by a borderline-psychopath with Tourette’s. Without irony, Brockway creates from scratch a truly great sci-fi universe, and manages to fill it with well-written, absolutely unique characters, which he uses to tell one of the cleverer stories you’ll read. Then, with the wink and wicked grin of a man who knows the single filthiest limerick ever written, he paints the entire book in a perfectly-executed candy-coating of profane hilarity.” -Amazon Review



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Annotated Edition:

Or go all in, and purchase the new annotated edition! The annotated edition of Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity contains over two hundred footnotes, rambling asides, bizarre links and drunken missives from the author. They serve to elaborate on the inner workings of the Four Posts, as well as reveal the many inspirations behind this strange, funny, and often terrifying world.


About the Author

Robert Brockway is a Senior Editor and columnist for He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Meagan and their two dogs, Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh. He has been known, on occasion, to have a moustache.

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